Our Approach

The Behavior Change For Good Initiative’s central focus is on conducting “mega-studies” with large organizational partners. Mega-studies are large-scale field studies that contain many smaller sub-studies, all run simultaneously and aimed at changing the same outcome (e.g., grades, gym attendance, savings). Mega-studies allow us to A/B test multiple behavioral science strategies designed by our Scientific Team at once, making it possible to identify which strategies work best overall to change behavior for good and for whom.

Why Mega Studies?

Mega-study - wide
  • Comparability of results across studies
  • Can be run as a tournament with interdisciplinary teams
  • Fixed costs are borne by BCFG (low marginal costs for scientists)
  • Increases likelihood of generating useful insights
  • Accelerates pace of scientific discovery relative to the usual “one study at a time”
  • Can identify which strategies work best for whom using advanced analytics

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